VK4XQA – Top Band using Full Size AM Broadcast Antenna

    • By Jeff Cochrane – VK4BOF

    The Tablelands Radio & Electronics Club (aka T.R.E.C.) which is based in Atherton, Far North Queensland, Australia has been offered a golden opportunity by a local AM radio broadcast station to use their brand new, full size AM broadcast band antenna before it is commisioned.

    The antenna system consists of an antenna of 200+ feet in height and the associated ground system which is based near the township of Euramo. (pronounced You-Ra-Mo)

    Euramo is about 160Km (100 Miles) south of the city of Cairns, in North Queensland, Australia and its Maidenhead grid square is QH22xa and the approximate lat / long is: Lat: -17.9990136 Long: 145.9376315.

    We will be active as VK4XQA from Euramo for 3 days / nights on November 19/20/21 on 160M and 80M Australian DX window (3.776-3.800) using both CW and SSB with AM operation also being contemplated on 160M. Approximate operating times will be posted later.

    Our equipment will consist of an Elecraft K3 plus an Elecraft P3 panadaptor plus an Elecraft KPA500 Amplifier running 400Watts output. (The Australian legal limit)

    Please listen out for us. A ‘special’ one off QSL card will be available for this once in a lifetime event.