UPDATE – Next activation on Granite Island OC-228 as VK5CE/P will be Tuesday September 13 at 0400 to 0730 UTC on 20m SSB and Sunday September 18 2300 UTC to Monday September 19 0300 UTC on 15m SSB (for Japanese public holiday on Monday). See http://oc228.blogspot.com.au/

August 27 – Image courtesy VK5CE/P on Granite Island.


August 24 – Craig informs DX-World

I will continue to visit OC-228 Granite Island from Friday August 26 at 2300 UTC to Saturday, August 27 at 0800 UTC. (Saturday local time). I am also looking to visit a day earlier on Friday, August 26 at 0430 UTC to 0800 UTC. This is because weather on Friday afternoon local time looks good and I will be taking time off work to try and give out more QSOs on 20m. I am not permitted to build a tent or shelter on the island and so I’m exposed to the weather on a rock wall with no protection from rain. Details at http://oc228.blogspot.com.au/

August 14 — Craig VK5CE will be activating Granite Island OC-228 as VK5CE/P on numerous occasions starting in August 2016. Full details here.