VK9AA – Cocos (Keeling)

    VK9AA - Sunset on Cocos (Keeling)
    VK9AA – Sunset on Cocos (Keeling)

    The following is reported in DXNL:

    Bernd, VK2IA, reports he will be active again Mar 14th through 27th as VK9AA from Cocos (Keeling) operating on all bands 160 through 10 m CW and SSB. He left all his antennas on West Island after his last stay. These are a Spiderbeam for 10/15/20 m on a 8 m mast, a 2 el wire beam for 40 m, verticals for 80/160 m, and receiving antennas for the lowbands. He operates a K2 transceiver and an amplifier. QTH will be the Cocos Beach Motel again. Look for him on the usual DX frequencies. QSL, direct or via DARC-Bureau, by DL8YR.