VK9CI – Cocos Island

    I will be active from Cocos (Keeling) Islands as VK9CI for around one week from Wednesday 1st June through to Tuesday 7th June.

    Thanks to Chris VK3FY and the South Pacific Contest Club for the use of the call VK9CI.  QSL’s will be direct to VK6YS (see QRZ.com)

    As this is a holiday away with my wife, Gaye, the radio will be secondary and most operations will be early local morning and through the evenings, propagation permitting. There are quite a few activities for us to get involved in during the day as you can see on the Cocos tourist web page Cocos Island Tourism.

    My intention is to operate mostly digital modes, predominantly PSK31 and some RTTY with an occasional play on Olivia. Over the last couple of months, there has been quite a bit of CW activity and SSB from Cocos so I reckon it is time to give the digital modes a run.

    Equipment will be an IC7000 tied to my trusty Macbook through a microHam interface, and antennas will be quarter wave verticals for each band mounted on a 12 metre Spiderbeam fibreglass mast. It takes about 10 minutes to change bands with this configuration of the vertical and three radials tied to the mast guys, but they do work well, and especially right next to the sea. With a bit of luck and the activity on the sun holding good, I am hoping that most activity will be on the higher bands, but I will be capable of operating from 10 metres through all bands to 40 metres.