VK9LL – Lord Howe Island

    May 28: Yuri, A65CA received the following message from Tomas, VK9LL on Lord Howe Island:

    At the moment I am trying to concentrate on 160m. But may be working on 80m two nights in the wpx contest. I am running a 100w signal here, so usually there is no big pile up due to a lower number of stations able to hear me – that should help.

    At the moment my setup on 160m is:

    TX ant – inv L with 51 ground radial
    RX ant – K9AY, beverage 220m to EU/JA, and semi vertical loop (50m long).

    The condx are very difficult in VK9L at the moment.

    There were a few days with heavy wind of up to 80 km/h. Not very easy to work on antennas. There is a heavy rain every day and every night.

    The QRM and RFI is very bad in VK9l due to local electricity generation by gensets, electrical fences, all sorts of wireless systems. It is the worst location I have ever been in terms of low bands noise.

    I will be looking out for your signals, if I work on 80m or 40m. Sorry i can not set up a sked as condx are unpredictable every day – i.e. I have lost one night my antenna tuner due to the lightning strike..

    73 and cu on the air

    Tomas, VK9LL”

    April 27: Callsign change from VK9CLH.

    Tomas, VK2CCC plans on being active as VK9LL from Lord Howe island between May 24 – 31. Spare time operation likely on 80/160m, with participation in CQ WPX CW contest. QSL details @ http://www.qrz.lt/ly1df/vk9ll.htm