VK9XA, VK9XL, VK9XN, VK9XO, VK9XJ, VK9XJR, VK9XXY – Christmas Island

    NEWS UPDATE: JA3ARJ/VK9 is also a team member of this Dxpedition.

    From January 14 – 20, 2011 JA3BZO (VK9XA) – JH3PBL (VK9XL) – JI3DNN (VK9XN) – JA3AVO (VK9XO) – JA3UJR (VK9XJR) – JA1CJA (VK9XXY) and JA3HJI (VK9XJ) will be active from Christmas Island, OC-002.

    QSL via each operators home callsign.

    A small website in Japanese is available here.

    [October 2, 2010]