VOACAP Online now offers coverage area predictions‏.

    • Message from Jari Perkiömäki, OH6BG & VOACAP Online team:-

    URL: http://www.voacap.com/coverage.html

    A new addition to the VOACAP Online HF prediction toolbox are coverage area maps. The coverage area map service uses a familiar Google Maps interface, with an added possibility to choose TX and RX QTHs from a DXCC-type of a list of over 470 pre-defined locations all over the globe. Also entering a Maidenhead locator in the Name field and setting a coordinate point as the user’s default TX location are supported.
    The result map shows the probability to achieve a CW QSO from a TX site to a grid of RX sites. The prediction is plotted on a map of equidistant cylindrical projection, together with the grayline terminator and the position of the Sun.

    This service should be of particular interest to DX peditions and contest operators who want to find the most suitable times of operation on different bands. If a more accurate HF prediction between two locations is needed, then VOACAP-based point-to-point predictions are available at http://online.voacap.com