VP8DMH – Halley Station, Antarctica

    UPDATE: Mike VP8DMH will be heading over to the new Halley VI base on Saturday (January 28, 2012) to do some work on the new HF radios and antenna system. He’s hoping to be somewhere around the top end of 20m from 20z, which should allow him to work EU in the early evening and follow the propagation across the pond later on. [tnx F5PFP]

    August 7, 2011 — Halley is the second largest station, after Rothera. There has not been much recent amateur activity from the station, which Mike VP8DMH hopes to rectify! As well as the opportunity to activate Halley 5 ( current base), this year sees the commissioning of the new base at Halley 6.

    Mike will be spending three months at Halley Station from the end of December 2011 to the beginning of March 2012, working as a summer operator and helping out with the move to Halley 6.

    The short summer season will obviously be very busy, especially with the commissioning of the new station, but his intention is to put both the old and new base on the air as time permits.

    *Note: Halley webcam.