VP8DMH/P – Adelaide Island, AN-001

    •  September 10.

    First recording of Mike, VP8DMH/P – from Adelaide Island – has now arrived. [tnx RA3CQ][audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/VP8DMH-p-20-SSB.mp3|titles=VP8DMH-p-20-SSB]

    From 6th – 11th Sept 2010 I’ll be going on my second Winter trip of the season. I’ll be staying at the caboose up the hill and mixing radio with day-trips out to visit crevasses and other local attractions. Operation will mainly be SSB, although a bit of PSK is not out of the question, especially on 30m. Times will be unpredictable, depending on the weather and other activities. I’ll try and update my Twitter feed if I’m about to hit the bands or if I’m heading out for the day, but access will be via Iridium and not entirely reliable, so keep an eye on the IOTA frequencies!

    Mike Clarke, VP8DMH (September 6)