VP8ROT – Adelaide Island, AN-001

    UPDATE – VP8ROT is the base callsign for Rothera Base,  located on Adelaide Island AN-001.

    The RRS James Clark Ross arrived at  Rothera Base on  27th December for,  hopefully,  four nights.  With a good wharf I am confident that I will be able to get ashore in the evenings to operate.  Due to the flying and field work that is carried out from the base,  I normally operate from about 00:00z for three hours or so and will hopefully be working in CW and SSB,  possibly on alternate evenings.

    Danny McFadden, EI8JU, is the new Winter Comms Manager for the base and will be there for the next year or so. He is keen to operate when time allows, which is more likely to be towards the end of the season and over the winter months. Danny also has the call VP8DOU, which he may also use whilst down south.

    Also on the base is Cathy Colless, M0RTW,  who is there for the summer season covering the comms job which involves helping with the flight following and also the field party schedules.  Hopefully Cathy will get on the air at some point,  as and when time allows.  Cathy has a blog called ‘Pass Your Message’

    [tnx GM0HCQ/MM]