VU Hams gain 7.100 to 7.200Mhz

    Thanks to Prasad, VU2PTT for the alert, the following news has been released by Gopal, VU2GMN the President of ARSI – the IARU recognized national organization of India:

    I spoke to WPC just now and they have confirmed that the extra bandwidth has been officially released to VU radio amateurs based on the petitions given by ARSI on 15 April 2009, soon after the band was to be released as per agreement in WRC2003.

    The notification will appear on the WPC webpage shortly.

    VU hams can now officially use that extra bandwidth [7.100 to 7.200]

    They have also confirmed that the other requests made by ARSI regarding 10 MHz and 50 MHz are also under consideration, so please wait for further news.

    It would be nice if a number of hams write and thank WPC and the Dept of Telecommunications for listening to our requests so that the remaining request are also processed quickly


    Gopal VU2GMN