VU7M – Lakshadweep


    UPDATE: VU7M became operational from 1300 UTC of 13th Aug 2012 with a modest station setup of FT757GX, FT840, FC700, with 5 band inverted Vees 10 meters from the sea face. The power used is around 40w and till 13:30 UTC of 14th August 2012 we have made about 700 QSOs.


    VU2UR – Arasu, VU2LX – Laxmanan, VU2GSM – Srikantha Murthy, VU2GGM – Govind Girmaji, VU2LU- Ramesh Kumar and VU2JHM – Lion Ajoy will be active from Minicoy island, Lakshadweep, AS-106 as VU7M between August 13-22, 2012.

    On behalf of Amateur (Ham) Radio feternity we thank the Government of India and Union Territory of Lakshadweep for allowing this Special Event Station to represent our Countryto be established from 13th to 22nd August 2012 by a small group of Amateur (Ham) Radio volunteers of Bangalore Amateur Radio Club – VU2ARC who would be setting up humble HF station – the team would be leaving Bangalore to reach Kochi (Cochin) by Train and from Kochi by MV Arabian Sea (Ship Callsign AUVL) and returning back by MV Lakshadweep Sea (Ship Callsign AUVM).

    QSL via VU2JHM.


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