VY0A – Fox Islands (NA-186)

    Fox Island at high tide
    Fox Island at high tide

    Following on from this info, Cezar VE3LYC details his attempted expedition to a most wanted IOTA:

    Note: This IOTA group has only been activated very briefly 16 years ago and being in demand by 97% of the IOTA members sits at #1 on the Most Wanted NA-IOTA List


    The callsign to be used is VY0A, approved by Industry Canada. Updates will appear on QRZ.com

    As you will see [from QRZ] Cezar has included the following information:

    •  At the time of this activation we expect polar bears to be up north in search for food. However, this is their territory, so the guides will be monitoring for them at all times, as safety comes first.
    • Another danger is due to the several meter high tides in Hudson Bay. The amplitude of the tides leads to the breaking of the ice close to the island, the water frequently pouring out through the large cracks thus formed. This water will freeze pretty fast and the cycle will repeat periodically, leaving an uneven surface of ice, difficult to travel through.

    Costs associated with this operation are considerable and both group and individual support are now sought to make NA-186 a reality. To support,  please contact Cezar at: ve3lyc@hotmail.com

    Vy 73,
    Cezar, VE3LYC