VY0O – Ottawa Islands, NA-230 New IOTA

    Cezar VE3LYC will attempt his most difficult operation to date: activating for the first time the Ottawa Islands IOTA NA-230 group in Hudson Bay.

    Location of Ottawa Islands, Hudson Bay.
    Location of Ottawa Islands, Hudson Bay.
    • Name of the specific island and exact dates are not available at this time, but they will be announced a few days in advance of the operation. Cezar seeks to be on the air for 3 full days during the period July 25 to August 10 using the callsign VY0O.


    • Ottawa islands are 12-14 hours away from shore and transportation requires a large boat. This is not a leisure trip. Traditionally unstable weather pattern, unknown local landing conditions, high seas, the presence of ice chunks in the Bay, potential presence of polar bears (since islands are cooled by cold winds in summer), all these and other logistical aspects make this trip extremely challenging. Cezar will work towards a successful attempt, but wants to convey to the island chasers that this operation may be aborted, as safety comes first.


    • At this time Cezar seeks group and individual donors who understand and appreciate the difficult and expensive task ahead and are willing to be part of this effort. All those who will contribute financially will be acknowledged. He mentions that past support from EU stations has been disproportionate with their QSO demand (45% of QSOs but only 25% support for VY0A), but hopes that this situation will improve. Direct and bureau QSL instructions will be announced in due course.


    • Cezar is desperately trying to find support for this operation. Total estimated cost is just over USD 10k. He doesn’t need any funding in advance, but will do if the expedition is successful.


    Best wishes,

    Cezar, VE3LYC