VY0V: East Pen Is, Nunavut, NA-231 New

    After his recent and memorable trip to Ottawa Islands, Cezar/VE3LYC will attempt to activate East Pen Island, Nunavut, NA-231 New, for three days during the period March 26 – 31, 2010. Intended callsign will be VY0V, which will be applied for in due course. East Pen Is. will count for CQ Zone 4.

    Cezar would like to remind everyone that an earlier attempt at activating NA-231 with Ken/G3OCA in July 2007 was unsuccessful. The outcome of this new attempt will be determined by local conditions, weather and safety factors.

    At this time, Cezar is looking for group and individual donors who understand and appreciate the nature of this difficult project and are willing to join in the effort. Support for this project is welcome via PayPal at tiberius.trifu@gmail.com