VY0X – Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) East group, NA-208.

    After his eventful trip to East Pen Island, Cezar/VE3LYC will travel again to the Canadian Arctic, this time attempting to activate the Nunavut (Kitikmeot Region) East IOTA Group, NA-208 (CQ Zone 2). This group has only been on the air once, 15 years ago, and is on the Most Wanted List, in demand by 89% of the chasers.

    For this project Cezar retained the services of local guides and applied for VY0X callsign, aiming to operate for up to 3 days, between approximately August 11 and 14. The island he will operate from will be decided on site, to ensure unobstructed propagation to various regions around the world.

    Cezar reminds everyone that weather conditions and safety concerns can affect the outcome of this project. At this time, he is looking for donors who understand and appreciate the nature of his attempt, and wish to join in the effort. Support is welcome via PayPal at tiberius.trifu@gmail.com.