W3STX/KH2 & KH2/JS6RRR – Guam

    • UPDATE from Taka JR3TVH

    As I informed earlier, Take JS6RRR modified his plan to visit Guam Island OC-026. Another op W3STX put off participation. Take as KH2/JS6RRR will achieve his plan himself shortly after Feb 10 to Feb 15. He will be active from 160-6m(SSB, CW, FM, RTTY & PSK). QSL to KH2/JS6RRR via the buro.

    Nobu JR3STX and Take JS6RRR will operate from Guam, OC-026 as W3STX/KH2 and KH2/JS6RRR between February 10 (22:00Z) to February 15 (03:00Z) on 160-6m, SSB/CW/FM/RTTY/PSK31.

    QSL to W3STX/KH2 via JR3STX and KH2/JS6RRR via JS6RRR by Buro or direct (SASE).


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