Where exactly is 4Y ?

    ICAO World Headquarters MontrealNever before activated prefix. Will it ever be..? Surely one day?

    So where is 4Y? Is it somewhere in Europe? Or maybe South America?

    Actually, it’s the ICAO World HQ in downtown Montreal, Canada.

    Steve, VE2TKH recently left a comment on DX World of Ham Radio which is notable in its fact.

    For those who are not aware, there is also a prefix allowed to the ICAO HQ in downtown Montreal. It is 4Y and apparently not so well known from the ham community in general. One thing that still surprises me, it’s never been on air (4Y) since the beginning of the ICAO back in April 1947. Who will do so? Who will put this WPX for the first time on the air?

    It certainly is a good multiplier for CQ WPX. Perhaps one day enterprising/enthusiastic operator(s) will try put 4Y – ICAO HQ: Montreal on the air..

    *Helpful prefix link.