World Flora Fauna – Just what is WFF?

    Started in 2008 by the WFF Team and the RRC (Russian Robinson crew) World Flora Fauna has taken off in a big way.

    The WFF Programme is about conservation and is aimed at National Parks, Nature Reserves and Coastlines. Indeed, the WFF website proclaims “saving the green planet” – a topic dear to millions around the globe.

    WFF doesn’t seem to be like most other programmes in that this one has taken off quickly with more and more people chasing the numbers, both by claiming the awards available and also by activating the areas.

    With IOTA, DCI and WAB all now well established progammes, and during this time of continued low solar activity – with perhaps many operators becoming disillusioned with band conditions – WFF could very well be the next big awards program you seek.

    A few examples above of some of the many WFF award certificates available. Give WFF a go!

    *Thanks to Charles M0OXO for award samples.