Write-up: V73RRC, V73TM, V73QQ

    NEWS UPDATE: Click here to read all 14 pages on the story of V73RRC, V73TM, V73QQ. [pdf format]

    • Many thanks to Yuri, V73QQ / N3QQ for providing a short story & images of the recent V73RRC, V73TM, V73QQ IOTA DXpedition:

    We are finally back home. 6075 total QSO’s ~2800 from OC-278, new-one 2.5 nights (generator died, learned later simple water in fuel, but we had no energy left to fix it at 2AM on the last night) and ~500 on 160m from Enewetak atoll OC-087.

    I would like to thank the ZL8X operator on 160m who was on Dec 6th for his/her courtesy. (our understanding was ZL8X expedition should be over Dec 5th, may be WX delays).

    Statistics (for fun!)

    • ZL8X = 148,750 QSOs 14 operators including 1 YL.
    • V73RRC/V73TM/V73QQ = 6,075 QSO’s 2 operators and 15+ local YL’s.

    Enewetak ladies decided to have a “disco” at our 160m operating position. After a few minutes of swearing, we joined them!