XR0Y – Easter Island Dxpedition

    International Amateur Radio DXpedition to Easter Island

    XR0YA - Easter Island 2009
    XR0Y - Easter Island 2009

    The XR??Y DXpedition to Easter Island will take place between October 31 and November 15, 2009. It will be a lightweight, small expedition led by 6 operators:

    • SQ8X Stan
    • SV2KBS Victoria
    • NI1L Leszek
    • CE6TBN Marco
    • PA3C Aart
    • SP7HOV Zbig

    Thanks to fantastic support from Radio Club de Chile we will have a unique opportunity to activate Rapa Nui on 30 meters. Since the island is still most wanted on this band in Europe, 30m will be our priority.

    The unique location, in conjunction with the ham radio hobby, is going to be our experience of a life-time. We are glad we will be able to share it with you live from the island.

    Stan, SQ8X

    Full details at XR0Y website