XR0Y Log Corrections

    Les, NI1L [team member of XR0Y] informs he has spent several hours looking through emails from hams around the world with XR0Y QSO enquiries. Les states most of the queries were busted callsigns, and with additional information collected, these calls were corrected.

    However, there appears to be several missing QSOs reported that could not be substantiated on our side. It is possible that some of those QSOs were made with a pirate (or rather a station with a peculiar sense of humor) because most of them were made during the breaks (QRX) in our operations

    Until Stan SQ8X returns home from his South American adventure, Les NI1L will handle all XR0Y QSO enquiries. Should you have a query, use rapanui.xr0y@gmail.com with your QSO details.