XR0Y teamXR0Y Team at Vai Moana, Hanga Roa – Easter Island.
    From left: Stan SQ8X, Zbig SP7HOV, Aart PA3C, Leszek NI1L, Vicky SV2KBS, Marco CE6TBN

    XR0Y is over now and belongs to DXers’ history.

    We went QRT at 2009-11-14 22:41:35. The very last, lucky station logged was SP7FAH. Weather conditions became very nasty again and we decided to put all antennas down 10 hours earlier than we planned. This DXpedition has been a mixture of bad events & lucky events that created a picture far different from tropical islands’ stereotype and the trip taught us that especially flexibility and fast decision making is so crucial during enterprises like this.

    The DXpedition had been set for approx 14 days of operation on the air. After series of issues with severe weather conditions with wind gusts reaching 100km/h, constant, “horizontal” rainfall lasting for 5 days and electricity blackouts our activity on bands has been reduced to approx 9 complete days. Well, one could say: you can’t always get what you want 🙂 But we’ve been trying to do our best. While dealing with issues we managed to log 22281 QSOs with 2 stations. Our simple verticals worked surprisingly well. We received signal reports from different, distant parts of the world as strong as 59+30db sometimes.

    We also had a fantastic opportunity to visit most of the island’s unique locations. Unlike regular, tourists, we had a fantastic opportunity to meet local Rapa Nui community and to become a part of it for a short while. Without help provided by native islanders, our DXpedition could not take a place. This is why we decided to dedicate our DX enterprise to the people of Rapa Nui. We must also thank Radio Club de Chile and numerous hams in Santiago for their outstanding, generous support. We decided each premium QSL card will consist of a special 3D card and double folded card. Each and every premium QSL request will also be replied with a special souvenir – a smallish bag of Rapa Nui’s sand. Visit http://oqrs.rapanui2009.org/ to submit your online QSL request.

    We plan to release a documentary introducing some of our important events during the DXpedition. Thank you for calling us and sharing your emotions with us. Sending out reports from Rapa Nui Island has been an unforgettable experience. Now, another DX plan for the future starts to form its shape…

    Greetings from Santiago de Chile. Now heading for 2 weeks to Patagonia/Tierra del Fuego…

    Stan SQ8X

    P.S. The team uploaded their complete log but keep in mind there will be minor corrections to be done. If you’re missing a Q or so, don’t panic. All log inquires will be checked within next 7 days. Then, after further notice, a final log update will be posted. A special videoblog entry will be released in approx. 2 weeks inc. more Rapa Nui footage.