XR0Y: Videoblog reloaded, QSL status & IRC issues

    The Belt of Venus – a phenomenon related to greyline seen from XR0Y QTH, Easter Island. A 40m vertical in foreground.

    Stan SQ8X, the organizer of XR0Y to Easter Island, informs that he re-uploaded all 3 XR0Y videoblog entries recorded at the island.

    Due to bandwidth limitations at the island we couldn’t publish those videos at the best possible quality we first intended –Stan SQ8X says. – This is why once I’ve got back home I decided to re-export all 3 movies and now they all come in superb HD 720p quality so you may have a better look at XR0Y in action and have a glimpse of some Rapa Nui’s nature at much better quality. I also plan to continue to publish my personal videoblog as I used to before. I just need to take some rest of travelling after my 1 month long trip – Stan adds.

    You may view all those 3 episodes again in HD (don’t forget to turn full screen mode on!) at this page »

    Stan, the XR0Y QSL manager, says that he receives many cards with IRC coupons that expire by December 2009. Keep in mind that XR0Y will not be able to reply to cards with old IRCs as post offices will not accept them. All those incorrect QSL requests will be replied via bureau only without exception.

    Stan currently works on exporting/merging more than 2500 video recordings taken at the island. Also processing photos for printing XR0Y cards is in progress. The team expects to start shipping them by late January 2010. The XR0Y team offers 3 different QSL cards via 3 different routes depending on your voluntary choice including a standard, direct way and bureau route too. They also offer a special premium 3D QSL card package containing 2 cards (3D and double, non-3D card) and smallish bag with a sample of Rapa Nui’s sand as extra bonus.

    If you plan to send your QSL request to XR0Y yet, please read carefully XR0Y QSL policy info listed at this page » or order it directly via their Online QSL Request System (OQRS) here »