XV4Y: Vietnam

    • By Yannick ex-XV4TUJ

    I am located in Mekong Delta (south of Vietnam). My activity is mainly on SSB 20m, 17m, 15m and 40m. Antenna is a ground plane for 20m (also works on 17m and 15m), a 40m delta-loop (ok on 20m and 15m) and a sloppier for 30m listening. Before March 2011, my former callsign was XV4TUJ.

    I have been asked about an operating time schedule. In fact since I run my own home business, I do HAM radio when I have free time for it. That said, you have better chance to contact me in the early afternoon (0700-0900z) or evening (1330z-1500z), no matter if it is week day or week-end. Preferred calling frequencies are around 14.276, 18.126, 21.312 or 7.080.

    QSL manager is OK1DOT but be patient because QSL card are not printed yet. My online log book is available on clublog.org/