XW2CW – Laos

    UPDATE: XW2CW is now QRT early. Rudi informs why:

    Now, after a few days of operation, I can say that Vientiane City (at least in my area) seems to have the highest noise level you can imagine. Several huge lamps illuminating the whole area around the hotel seem to be one reason for that. They will never be switched off and stay on the whole night. I have tried a pennant receiving antenna on top of the metal roof, but no improvment in reception. The noise remains unchanged and the meter constantly shows S9 plus 20dB. This is absolutely no fun for me and for the audience. Therefore I decided quit the operation two days earlier as planned.

    November 19th — Rudi, DK7PE is currently QRV from Vientiane, Laos as XW2CW.

    Activity likely to be sporadic until November 27th.

    Focus on LF bands if possible.

    QSL via H/c.