NEWS UPDATE – We are now in last days of our DXpedition. With 32.000 + QSOs we hope to reach our goal of 40.000 QSOs soon. Most of the QSOs were in CW and RTTY. We have nearly 1800 US QSOs in our log. For SSB QSOs in the future Bom, XX9LT, as local ham is QRV with beam and amplifier.

Most of NA-sigs are extremely weak. Some US-hams were complaining about our team and operation manner. We still see no reason to accept their arguments. All the team-members do their best, day and night, and will not forget that North America is in our special focus. Please remember that we are in a hotel resort and faced with not ideal receiving circumstances. We don’t have separate receive antennas. Signals from NA are often deep in the noise and it is very hard to pick up these signals out of the noise especially on 80/160 m. This noise is not caused by EU or JA-stations. Last night we had a lot of QRN and a thunderstorm.

This DXP gives us some new experiences: It is possible to work with 3 stations with 5 antennas mounted closed together and having almost no interference between the stations. As the operation-site is very close to the antennas we have a lot of RF in the shack. Most of the computers were affected by RF, the backup K3 was lost. We got a great support from Elecraft. They sent us a spare part for our KPA500 via US Postal Service. It has not arrived yet but we hope to have it installed soon. 160 and 80 m-operation will be changed from night to night.

December 10, 2016 — XX9LT, DJ9KH, DL2AWG, DL2HWA, DL2RNS, DL3HRH, DL4SVA, DL5CW, DM2AUJ, DM2AYO and DL7VEE will be active from Macau as XX9D between February 13-26, 2017. QRV on 80-10m CW, SSB & RTTY. QSL via DL4SVA. Website