XX9TLX – Macau

    • Message from Georg, DK7LX

    Hi Folks!

    In order to finally name some details of my current Macau-trip, I’d like to let you know that I’m going to be active until the 26th of October. The main focus of this trip are the WARC-Bands as well as CW, though I do plan a couple of RTTY QSOs in the end. Bandwise, an expected very strong demand on 30 and 40 M has turned out and I do switch between those Bands on a daily basis.

    Any activity on 80 M looks very unlikely due to enviromental issues over here. Online log can be found here. QSLs will be again available within shortest while after the cards have been printed.

    Hope to work you!

    Georg, XX9TLX