XX9TLX – Macau

    Georg, DK7LX is again on his travels.  Having been active as TX7LX (2008) and S92LX (2009) he will be QRV from Coloane Island (AS-075) Macau as XX9TLX. Dates to be confirmed. Georg explains: Background: it has been my dream to become one day active from this magic city ever since I had paid a brief visit to Macau back in March 2001 on my way back from VK. It has kept me busy for about a year to organize this trip and please understand that due to reasons that are related to local environment, I will not be able to erect huge antennas etc. Power wise all will comply with local regulations and I will hence use my proven 100 W light-weight-rig, as always. My perspective: I mainly want to have fun during this stay as well as I look forward to meet new people and to see new places. Though the main purpose of this trip is going to be radio, I will take things easy but will not be active on every band in every mode. I´m not a 160 M op and will not be QRV on this band. As always, my activity will have a very strong CW-flavour since this is my favourite mode.

    Additionally, no online log will be available and QSL cards via direct or buro to DK7LX.