XX9TLX – Update

    Georg, DK7LX provides the following update with regards his recent activation from Coloane Island, Macau: “I´d just like to inform you that QSL´s have already been ordered and I should have them here in due course. (see image).
    A very important note:

    if there is any doubt concerning your QSO-data, feel free to send me an e-mail prior to a QSL-card since it is pain for me to just write “not in log”. I´m happy to help and I don´t mind replying to e-mails at all. (mail to: DK7LX(at)DARC.DE)
    I´ve unfortunately already received a little number of cards which report QSO´s out of my operation time. Seems like there is always someone who feels a certain kind of pleasure when acting as pirate.

    Thank´s for all the QSO´s and your great ears. It wasn´t always easy as I had to deal with massive mountains towards EU directly behind my place as well as with poor band conditions. It was great fun anyway and another fantastic radio experience!”

    Vy 73! Georg, DK7LX