YE7M – Laut Kecil Islands, OC-268

    Payongpayongan Island OC-268
    Payongpayongan Island OC-268

    We will attend the next IOTA DX expedition to Payung Payungan Island at Laut Kecil Islands OC 268 with special call YE7M and QSL Manager by YB7KNV.

    We depart from Banjarmasin City on 20 May and back again around 25 May. We will be on the air in 22 until 24 May 2009.

    Payung Payungan Island between E115°48′-E 115°49′ and S4°22′-S4°23′ is an empty restricted area in Laut Kecil Islands. There is an old Lighthouse in the middle of its island, the Lighthouse was built since colonial era in Indonesia.

    We will be on the air:

    • 40M (7.023 / 7.080Mhz)
    • 20M (14.040 / 14.260Mhz)
    • 17M (18.098 / 18.150Mhz)
    • 15M (21.040 / 21.260Mhz)
    • 10M (28.040 / 28.36Mhz).

    The Team of IOTA DX expedition need your support, thank you for your attention.

    Best Regards,

    Team Manager YB7IM