ZD7XF – St Helena

    UPDATE – following notes are from Nigel ZD7XF via CDXC reflector:

    The 160m antenna at ZD7XF was put up late on Monday afternoon 5th March. Only one DL was worked on Monday evening at around 2230z. Three UK stations made it into the log on 160m early Tuesday morning during the half hour before my sunrise at 0624z. Several Ws were also worked between 0550z and 0626z.

    During the next four days [Tuesday to Friday] I plan to be on 160m every night between 2200z and 2300z as well as during the hour before my sunrise (i.e 0530z to 0630z). On Saturday morning the 160m antenna will revert to 80m for BERU contest this weekend -then no more 160m activity.

    As relaxation from the crashes, bangs and painstakingly slow QSO rate on Topband, I put up an antenna for 17m for the first time and worked 1,000 QSOs. So far 8,100 QSOs in the ZD7XF log in six days.


    February 28 — Nigel, G3TXF plans a second operation as ZD7XF from St Helena between [approx] February 29 to March 13, 2012. Activity will include the Commonwealth Contest (BERU). Other times, Nigel plans to operate CW on HF in addition to trying to put St Helena on air on both 80m and 160m.

    The first ZD7XF operation was in late June 2011 when 12,000 CW QSOs were made in nine days.

    As last time, it is hoped to be able to upload the ZD7XF log regularly to both ClubLog and LoTW from St Helena.

    *Note: current comments are from Nigel’s 2011 trip; they remain.