ZD8UW – Update

    Ascension Island - view from Green Mountain
    Ascension Island - view from Green Mountain


    ZD8UW update as of January 6:

    We have made 11,000 QSOs up to 13:00 today. We are here until 9 January so there is still plenty of time to work us. The whole team works in rotation to find all openings, including elusive bands like 12M and 10M, and conditions are generally good. Bands are shut in the afternoon.

    ALL QSOS UP TO 13:00Z 06 January ARE IN LOTW

    • HF and general info:

    We are on Green Mountain, with a clear view to the horizon from about 210 degrees to 45 degrees. Other paths are totally blocked by the mountain. We haven’t heard VK or ZL yet so we are planning to take a car round the island and operate from the water. Please watch the cluster at 0630Z on January 8th (this time is not absolutely solid).

    • QSL info:

    We don’t need your card if you don’t need ours! If you are happy with an LoTW confirmation then please save the planet.

    • Top band:

    We are getting a lot of questions about top band, so here are some notes which I hope will help.

    I have been active every day on 160M using a 60ft vertical with an ‘L’. I have put down about 500m of radials but my output power is limited. I am typically on the air at 1900Z, our local sunset. Signals at this time to Europe are nicely enhanced but only briefly. Then, from about 2100Z through to dawn I have static crashes from the equator, which measure S9+20dB. So far, I have logged 1,200 QSOs on top band. I am aware that the QSB is very problematic for you and I wish we had a beverage antenna and a big amp! I am now pretty much burned out on this band and am handing over the key to Simon G4EAG, who will be on at sunset for 2 hours.

    Ok – 73 for now and see you on the air.

    Michael G7VJR & the team at ZD8UW

    PS. The top scoring DX’er has worked us on 14 slots.