ZD9GI – pirate or not?

    Recently many operators were confused with John’s ZD9GI (Gough Island, AF-030) appearance on the bands. Some spots were informing he has been active on various bands in PSK mode, some others say eg. 20 CW. Stan SQ8X @ DX World asked at the very source to find out whether this was a pirate station on the air or not.

    John informed us stating that he has been active on 20, 15 and 17m SSB, and also today (Jan 16) PSK mode on 17 and 15m. But he denies he uses CW at all. So all contacts made today on 14MHz CW and any other contacts in CW – sorry guys, but they were pirated and will not be confirmed.

    Stan SQ8X, who had a chance to work ZD9GI on 15m PSK today says:

    – Recently conditions aren’t favourable, but CW and PSK modes are those that work out just great. John’s signal could be reported RSQ 319 but it was still sufficient and almost 100% decodable providing a nice 2-way, genuine QSO.

    John ZD9GI is active on the air from Gough Island since October 2010 and his operation will end in September 2011. More info at his QRZ.com profile: http://qrz.com/db/zd9gi