ZD9GI – Gough Island

    • November 14, 2010 – Many thanks to Laurie VK7ZE for most recent audio recordings of ZD9GI


    • August 6, 2010 – By John ZS1LF/ZD9GI

    I depart for Gough Island in September 2010 as the new radio technician and team leader. This is my second tour to Gough Island. The callsign ZD9GI will be QRV once the polar supply ship SA Agulhas departs from Gough Island for Cape Town, after having unloaded the years supply of food, diesel, spares, medical supplies and expedition members. The team consists of a medic, diesel mechanic, radio technician, three weather observers and two research assistants.

    Note: If you require Gough Island, please feel free to contact me on zd9gi@yahoo.co.uk and I will try to assist you. If you do not get an answer immediately, it means I am out of the office and busy elsewhere on the island.  I will return all emails when I return.  If you would like to receive pictures and stories, please email me. My QSL manager is ZS1A (QRZ.com)

    Thank you for your interest in ZD9GI.

    73, John ZS1LF / ZD9GI