[Pirate] ZD9KN – Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha

    UPDATE III: Incidentally, the listing on QRZ.com for T77KN is also a PIRATE – avoid.

    UPDATE II: DXers worldwide have been duped – ZD9KN is a PIRATE.

    By maintaining regular contact with “Paul ZD9KN” via his listed email address on QRZ.com, at first it appeared he was legit. I asked a few questions regarding his “activity” on Gough island with initial replies suggesting he was indeed radio/electronics technician, based at the weather station.

    Eventually, some things did not add up. His choice of QSL manager was strange. His regularly updated QRZ profile was not written by a person who claimed to be from England and hold the callsign 2E0TJF. On air he did not sound either South African or English. He appeared to have excellent internet coverage from remote Gough, too!

    I began to challenge “Paul” if he actually was on Gough. He repeated he was and sent me an image purportedly of him. This image can be found on this forum from 2009! A scanned copy of his ZD9 license never did arrive..

    Furthermore, Johan ZS1A has confirmed the callsign ZD9KN has never been issued.

    Don’t waste your time working this SLIM.

    Paul 2E0TJF now active as ZD9KN takes up the position of radio / electronics technician on Gough Island AF-030 from August 18 to September 30, 2012.

    Using an FT-2000, multiband vertical and Inverted-V, look for ZD9KN on SSB only – 160 to 10m.



    LoTW will be used. QSL manager is IZ0UIM. Logs will be uploaded to Club Log.

    Gough Island webpage