ZL8X hits the air

    ZL8X DXpedition launched their activity on Nov. 19th, 2010 just after 07.00 UTC. In parts of Europe their signals are very strong reaching S9 on many bands.

    Below are a few recordings documenting ZL8X on the air that were grabbed by Igor RA3CQ and Stan SQ8X.

    See the ZL8X website to read official info published by organizers of the ZL8X Kermadec DXpedition 2010.

    17m CW ZL8X 19.NOV.2010 17m CW
    15m CW ZL8X 19.NOV.2010 15m CW
    20m SSB ZL8X 19.NOV.2010 20m SSB
    40m CW ZL8X 19.NOV.2010 40m CW

    [Stan SQ8X @ DX World.net]