ZS10WCS – 2010 World Cup (Soccer)

    World Cup Soccer 2010
    World Cup Soccer 2010

    Clubs affiliated to the SARL are invited to apply for use of the special event station callsign ZS10WCS, World Cup Soccer. Clubs will be selected by ballot.

    There are two categories:

    1. the months leading up to the event
    2. and the periods during the actual event.

    The 2010 World Cup Soccer will run from 11 June till 11 July 2010. During the event 4 slots are available 1 June – 10 June, 11 June to 21 June, 22 June to 1 July and 2 July to 12 July. During these four slots the successful clubs are expected to have a station on the air on HF every day as propagation conditions prevail.

    The second category is a month long – namely the months from September 2009 to May 2010. During this period successful clubs are expected to have stations on the air over weekends ie Friday evening till Sunday Night. Clubs must arrange their own schedule and can include any of their members who hold a valid HF callsign.

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