ZS8M – Marion Island

    July 20

    July 14

    • ZS8M QSL cards are now being processed.

    May 17

    • ZS8M operating images courtesy of Pierre can be found here

    May 15/16

    • ZS8M – 15m SSB [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ZS8M-15-SSB.mp3|titles=ZS8M-15-SSB]
    • ZS8M – 17m SSB [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ZS8M-17-SSB.mp3|titles=ZS8M-17-SSB]

    [courtesy RA3CQ]

    May 14

    • Pierre informs DX World.net that ZS8M will be active from 15 May at 04.00Z on 7.140 and then later on 14.250. Pierre will be operating from Marion Island for the next year.


    April 18 as per QRZ:

    • I arrived on Marion Island on April 15th, but will be operating as ZS1HF/P until the ship leaves for Cape Town. I have too much work to complete in the field before the ship leaves and operating ZS8M just places too much pressure on me. I will try and monitor 14.240 during the day, if and when I am in the base. Keep watching QRZ.com! 73 Pierre ZS1HF/ZS8M”.

    April 14

    • With the SA Agulhas arrived at Marion Island, the ZS8M website is also now in the public domain. Although very much under construction, it can be found here. With limited internet access, it’s conceivable Pierre will update when time permits.

    March 19 from Pierre, ZS1HF/ZS8M

    • In true tradition, we have an idiot pirating my callsign – ZS8M. Shame on you! Please note….ZS8M will only be operational from approx 15 May 2010. Before I get operational, I will notify you all once ready.  Please do not entertain any idiot pirating my callsign before I make further announcements. My technical training is progressing well. The complete team gathers on Tuesday 23 March in Cape Town to start team training – fire fighting, first aid and cooking etc. 

    March 14, 2010 [OPDX]

    Pierre informs that he is currently still very busy with some technical and team training. Training includes maintenance on the Wx equipment and hydrogen generator, with team training including fire fighting, cooking and first aid. The ship leaves Cape Town on April 8th, and he will arrive on Marion Island some 6 days later. The ship that take him there will unload food and cargo, and then leave 4 weeks later once the scientists have completed their work.

    Once the ship and scientists leave, he will be on the air. Pierre tells that this is his first long voyage. He has sailed before, but on some of the SA Navy ships and usually on much shorter trips. On Marion Island, Pierre’s job will be the resident radio and electronics technician for; HF, VHF, Wx station, Hydrogen generator, IT LAN, satellite system and all the other smaller systems that use 12 or 220V. He will be assisting the engineers with technical support. Pierre states, “One of the engineers will be writing her exam on the island, which will be a first for the island.”

    February 8

    • Pierre has confirmed he will be taking dipole antennas to Marion Island. This is mainly due to the severe winds which often occur on Marion, and to prevent birds from flying into a larger antenna structure. There is a possibility Pierre may take an amplifier too, however his weight restriction for the entire year on ZS8 is 100kg. Updates expected beginning March once Pierre’s training is in motion. A ZS8M website will be available soon.

    February 5 Initial Breaking News from DX World.net

    • Pierre, ZS1HF will be operational from Marion Island (AF-021) at the end of April 2010 as ZS8M. He takes up the position of radio/electronics technician for a year once the SA Agulhas has left for Cape Town. Operating frequencies, times, QSL info to follow..

    Marion Island is #3 most wanted DXCC in 2009 according to DX Magazine.