ZS8M – one year later

    Memoirs of Pierre D. Tromp ZS8M
    21 May 2012

    The joke amongst my family and friends is that my wife, Louise ZS1ONI, was instrumental in getting me out the house for a year, as it was a sign of something wrong in my marriage. When, it wasn’t like that at all. Being deployed to either Gough or Marion Islands was a passion from as far back as 1986.

    Responding to an advert placed by the Dept of Environmental Affairs in the Sunday Times, I applied for the position of Radio Technician for Gough Island. They told me they would prefer to have me take the position up on Marion Island as my commercial and military HF radio training and experience would be of better use.

    I attended fire fighting, first aid and cooking classes with my new team members in March 2010, thereafter boarding the world famous SA Agulhas on 8 April 2010 bound for Marion Island. I would be the radio technician for the 67th Over Wintering Team 2010 / 2011 as well as be operating ZS8M for the next year.

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