ZT2V – East Cape Province, South Africa

    Rare prefix, ZT2V to be QRV for CQWW WPX SSB contest.

    Eight South African amateurs will be operating ZT2V in the CQWW WPX SSB contest, March 29-March 30. This will be one of the rare times the ZT prefix has been used and the first time South Africa??s East Cape Province (ZS2) has had a ??team operation? entry in a major contest.

    The multi 2 operation will take place from the Port Elizabeth region QTH of ZS2DL, Donovan, who serves as team leader. Other experienced contest participants include ZS2EZ, Barry, ZS2DK, Mitch, ZS2Y, Thiaan, and ZS2ACP, Andre. ZS2HK, Henning, and ZS2GV, Glen, will be making their major contest debuts. One other operator, not yet selected, will round out the team.

    The 2 stations will consist of a FT2000 and a Quadra amplifier into a SteppIr beam and a FT1000MP MK V and an Ameritron amp into a HyGain TH5. An antenna for 40 and 80 meters will also be used. While the group is hoping to score well, the primary goal is to ??put Port Elizabeth on the map? and give the prefix hunters a rare one.

    The QSL route for ZT2V will be Buzz ?? NI5DX.