FR4NP, FR4PF, FR4PM, FR5CB and FR5FC will be active from Rodrigues Island as 3B9RUN between May 11-16, 2018. QRV on 80-10m, SSB/FT8. See here for full info.


  1. Here is my last post about this subject

    Pse think about these 3 numbers :
    1) Your qrz page has 39996 clics and you are licensed since october ’98
    2) 3B9RUN qrz page has 16976 clics since is is opened (10 days)
    3) 3B9 is 168 most wanted dxcc
    May be this expedition made some happy guys. Where did you find 90% ft8? are you sure? Pse check before writing nonsense. Humility is a quality each ham radio must have…

    About cw you know it s not any more on the program licence in many countries so if you want cw continue to exist may be cw operators have some thing to do by exemple teaching young guys…
    but chatting about cw without act it s useless from my advice.

  2. hello Henri
    you are a happy amateur radio with all band worked with 3B9 but may be you are not the only one. We stayed 3 days radio with 3000 contacts (without sponsors) 1/3 ssb and 2/3 ft8. As you are an expert amateur radio you may know that propag is low and ft8 is sometime a good way to contact people all over the world. You are proud to take with us some novice guys and took plaisure to be on the air from Rodrigues with our friends. pse keep ham radio spirit.

  3. Yeah Bill, more than on 3b9 there is a local very active on ft8 and digital, 3b9fr, really no need to work a “dxpedition” at 90% ft8 like 3b9run do, bah ! I have 3b9 6-80m all mode, no problem 😉


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