NEWS UPDATE – 3C1L operation will end (QRT) on November 12 morning (local time). Flight home is November 13 early morning.

OCTOBER 25 — 3C0L is over. Yuris and Kaspars are in Annobon airport waiting for their departure back to Malabo. Will see what’s up in Malabo, as they have missed their flight home which was scheduled for October 23rd. Regular/daily news updates occur here

OCTOBER 9 — Yuris/YL2GM and Kaspars/YL3AIW plan to be on the air from Annobon as 3C0L and Equatorial Guinea as 3C1L in October 2017.

More information:

QSL via Club Log OQRS or YL2GN. Also LoTW will be uploaded in 6 months time after the end of DXpedition.


  1. Your total of 28 days “3C0L & 3C1L” was impressed with the amazing results of about 75,500 QSO.
    I filmed your operation on my celluar phone and registered it on YouTube. (from KOREA, My shack)
    – YouTube registration site:
    You are considered the hero and best example of HAM.
    Best of the Best ~~!!!!
    I was so happy for a month, as your wonderful activities.
    de HL2WA ( KYU )

  2. I am impressed with your wonderful DX-Expedion. I was impressed by the wonderful and excellent operating ability. I was very happy for you during the DX-Pedition period. 3C0L-3C1L QSO’s Thank you very much.I hope you all safe home. . Vy best 73 & GL

    de HL2WA

  3. Warm regards to all the team of the 3C1l, and at the same time congratulate them for their Dxpedition; I thank you for the attention in the two bands that I could work receive a hug in the distance and happy return home 73s dx YV5HNJ Ramon Toro

  4. Listening to 3C1L again how they only operate EU. We understand that it is more fun to run a pile up to the nearest radio population. But the big need for 3C is not in EU but in OC or far East. By the way for OC you typically need to beam South… The band police and DQRM does not help either. Very frustrating

  5. YV5HNJ Ramon Toro:
    I am pleased to address each and every member of the team that integrates this wonderful Dxpedition 3C0L. I thank you for all the contacts I had with 3C0L in the different bands baya to you have my congratulations for another very good experience until another new encounter your friend from Cracas Venezuela Ramon YV5HNJ

  6. 3C0L was a no show so far for Oceania. Not active for OC at our very short windows. Waste of time for us…
    There is always hope for the next one.


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