NEWS UPDATE by Antoine 3D2AG — Sailing for Rotuma is now confirmed (weather permitting) for the 14th of December. Arriving on the island on the 16th December around midday, I expect to be setup (for lower bands 80m, 40m and 30m at least) by the evening of the 17th and the Spiderbeam for HF and vertical for TB should be up by the 18th/19th. A 5-el 6m yagi will also be setup. Return is around the 12th January, again weather permitting as we will be into our southern hemisphere cyclone season by then. There will be NO internet so will not be able to read any messages about being in the log or not etc. Logging for CW has always been on paper logs and will remain so this time, so I will have no electronic logs to upload after the expedition aside from FT8 contacts to Club Log (no LoTW). More details on the 3D2AG/p page.