NEWS UPDATE — Last week the team received their license, so the call 3D2EU is officially confirmed. The coming 2 weeks they will start packing boxes with antenna equipment weighing +/- 100KG. These boxes will be shipped mid-December to Tony 3D2AG in Fiji. Website is up and running at

SEPTEMBER 24 — A team of 5 operators will activate Rotuma from 23 February until 16 March 2018. Active from 10m – 160m all main modes. The team consists of Tony 3D2AG, Heye DJ9RR, Erno DK2AMM, Hans DL6JGN and Ronald PA3EWP. The requested callsign (but not yet confirmed) is 3D2EU. QSL manager for 3D2EU is DK2AMM.

*note: QSLing will be separate for both 3D2EU and 3D2AG (eg. contacts with 3D2EU to DK2AMM; contacts with 3D2AG direct to 3D2AG as per information). Tony, 3D2AG will be in Rotuma a week before and after the 3D2EU operation, for logistical purposes.


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