Jim, WB2TJO informs:

I will be back in Fiji on the island of Taveuni in early January, 2018 and plan to stay until the middle of March, 2018. My lifelong friend Glenn built a house on the island 2 years ago and our main goal is to make his house a home. Glenn will arrive on the Island in February 2018. Last year we wired the house for electricity, but a 40ft by 12 ft deck, built a platform for a large water storage tank, installed a sink and cabinetry in the bathroom, built interior walls in the house, and numerous other small projects. This year we are concentrating on a solar power and windmill system for electricity. When I do get on the air it will be a small 2500 watt generator until more permanent power is installed. A solar power arrangement to power my radio will hopefully happen quickly so I can use the 2500 watt generator to power the ACOM 600S I am bringing.