DECEMBER 1, 2018

The 3YØI Team is about to do other extensive training next week + gathering some additional equipment they’ll need at Bouvet Island. Also, new possibilities emerge: they can take 2 additional operators (CW + SSB) with them. If you’re flexible and a weather-experienced individual, and willing to join an 1-month long adventure of your lifetime, drop a message asap at: Be quick!

NOVEMBER 22, 2018

The 3Y0I team recently underwent cold water rescue training. Check here for more.

NOVEMBER 11, 2018

The 3YØI team arrived South Africa recently. They’ve been very busy with the DXpedition’s preparations over the past couple of weeks. More here.

JULY 5, 2018

Yes, we know. Lately, we haven’t been updating our website recently, but we’ve been focused on securing crucial details of arrangements of our project recently.

We have received a couple of questions regarding the way we’re going to land at the island and why we dropped the heli way. The answer is simple: cost reduction and security measures. Once helicopter’s cost doesn’t bother us, we can stay around the island longer – waiting for the best suitable sea conditions to proceed with zodiac landing. by doing so, we also reduce any security risk, not to mention, the cost involved. We don’t want to jeopardize the project by playing with the wrong cards, or rather – just one “heli card”.

Just a reminder: our total budget estimation counts 225k USD, far less than any other similar DXpedition project recently. We’re running 95k USD short now and looking for solutions to secure the missing part.

We’re in touch with DX Foundations we have applied to (eg. NCDXF, Indexa). We have received a big number of questions out of their application forms we had to answer to in details. We understand all of that, of course. The most recent project didn’t succeed and they’re simply cautious. Nevertheless, this all takes a lot of critical timing to our project and we start to have an impression, we’re not welcome there and whatever information we provide, our applications would be dropped, forcing us to reduce the number of participants. This is the bad news.

The good news is that we are able to re-negotiate our vessel’s contract to cut extra cost by 15k USD! We plan to run its inspection in person in Cape town in late July. We have also scheduled another cargo to RSA with a second part of our gear going to Bouvet Island. We also bear in mind security measures. Each participant of our expedition will land at the island while wearing a rescue drysuit to protect from cold and other unpleasant conditions. In addition, a professional CPR and first aid obligatory training will be provided to each of participant in prior of leaving Cape Town. We’ll have a skilled paramedic on the board, too.

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

MAY 10, 2018

Following our previous announcement we have received a huge number of requests and suggestions to make our project better and more successful. We REALLY appreciate and consider them all. Majority of the notes – understandably – refer to increasing a number of bands and modes we’ll be active on from Bouvet Island. This all pushes us to expand our plans.

Even though we initially planned the 3YØI DXpedition with a small (but sturdy) power-sailor yacht and by a small, reliable and experienced team, we can’t deny we’ve also been looking for a chance to go there with a bigger team. It’s clear we should do so to meet the huge demand of ATNO and to provide as many slots/modes worldwide as possible. We’ve also been looking to different option to reduce expedition’s cost while utilizing maximum resources: operators, equipment + right security measures.

As also announced before, we’ve found a suitable and – the most important – reliable ship in a perfect shape with a responsible crew with Southern Oceans and Antarctic experience – at much lower cost.

After negotiations with the ship’s owner, we were able to reduce our DXpedition’s budget to – ATTENTION! – 225.000 USD in total. YES – we’re talking about the REAL cost of bringing a BIGteam and a GOODgear to the island. And another “YES”: we’ve already secured MORE THAN A HALF of our estimated budgetamount and signed an initial contract with the ship’s owner.

Since any other DXpedition to Bouvet Island isn’t going to materialize anytime soon, and most of the donations funded to previous Bouvet’s activation are being sent to DX Foundations around the world (and yet they were dedicated by donors to this particular entity), we decided to apply for grants to cover missing amount of our budget.

By doing so, we feel much confident that’s a right decision-making and we’ve got right arguments in hands:

  • Drastically lower cost of the project while still maintaining an experienced and reliable big team and equipment to meet DXers’ demands. At at least 1/3 of cost of any other similar expedition announced recently!
  • After careful reading of application and grant rules of DX foundations we apply to, none of them states they’d support a specific group of operators/applicants but they’re clearly in charge to support projects that meet application criterias and ventures to bring rare DXCC entities on the air and which continue ham radio legacy. It’s our turn and chance now, isn’t it?
  • As said before, the money collected by different organizations are meant to be spent on the very precisely defined purposes: eg. Bouvetøya on the airwaves for the ham radio community worldwide. Thus, once granted, in this particular case and circumstances, we shouldn’t ask individual donors for donating to the same entity over again, but expecting the support from the foundations themselves. Individual donors already donated much to a project that turned out unseccessful and with the foundations’ support received, we wouldn’t feel ethically “OK” and in charge to ask for private money for the same goal.
  • At last, but not least, we wish to bring back life to DXpeditioning and to make it more open for next ham radio generations by cost reducing and opening – at last – “DXped doors” to new experienced operators.

We strongly believe that DX foundations we’ve applied to will understand our arguments and possibilities and will rise to the challenge of our way of thinking: more ham radio, more attractive activations from the most wanted entities and less money and business involved. Crossing fingers for bringing Bouvetoya onto airwaves.  It’s our chance now!

Wish to join 3YØI? Send an email for more info to:
Don’t forget to attach your ham radio CV and to ask your boss for 1 month+ vacations ;-)

FEBRUARY 27 — The 3Y0I Bouvet Island DXpedition team this week publicly invited the members of the ill-fated 3Y0Z team to join forces as part of “rebooted preparations” for the venture, but 3Y0Z team co-leader Bob Allphin, K4UEE, told ARRL that his group has other plans. Dates for the 3Y0I DXpedition, meanwhile, remain up in the air at this point, but the team said it would announce its expected dates of operation soon.

FEBRUARY 24 — Once we rebooted preparations to our expedition, there are new, better ideas and breakthrough possibilities emerging. We also received a big number of questions, suggestions and comments from hams all over the world, to which we wish to respond with our latest important news.

A new vessel – new possibilities

Apart from our expedition yacht, we’ve managed to secure bigger expedition vessel at really bargain rates. The vessel will secure transportation of team members and all the equipment to the island. The vessels’ crew is experienced in troop landing at Bouvet and other sub-antarctic islands. Our cruise plan doesn’t change, we’ll depart from and sail back to Cape Town, which will reduce time and cost involved to possible minimum. We will publish dates of our expedition shortly.

The bigger vessel will also allow to take a bigger amount of team members and payload – without increasing the cost of our project. The landing procedure will be supervised by landing troops and will utilize special boats that will allow the team to transport our gear and to land at the island safely.

Our preparations to the expedition are taking place in extraordinary times and under unusual conditions. As we informed previously, our initial plans to go to Bouvet in late 2017 were suspended after receiving a kind request from the 3Y0Z’s organizers. Bearing in mind their commitment, devotion and big budget they were forced to sacrifice while aborting their expedition, we took a breaking-through decision, which – we hope – will find an acceptation not only of the 3Y0Z Team but also among hams waiting for Bouvet’s ATNO all over the world.

The invitation

Hereby, we – as the organizers of the 3YoI Bouvet Island Expedition – invite the team of the 3Y0Z expedition to join forces and to participate in our common project. The common project that will also allow to make their initial plans come true. Our decision is also caused by a fact we are fully aware and full of sympathy of their disappointment as the organizers followed by public opinions following the failure and cancellation of their plans.

Thanks to joining the projects, we’ll be able to reduce the cost of our common venture as well as we’ll be able to bring Bouvet Island on the air under better conditions with more benefits to the ham radio society. Our unprecedented decision opens not only new fantastic opportunities, but is also a proof that our plans are driven by the Ham Spirit and will of cooperation, not division.

Looking forward to cooperation and bringing Bouvet island on the air – together.

The 3YØI Bouvet island Expedition website

FEBRUARY 8, 2018 — DX-World just received info from a Norwegian contact that the 3Y0I license has been renewed. A landing permit has also been issued by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

No dates of activity are mentioned but the permit is good until February 2019. However, DX-World contact suggests activity could be sometime this year. (see new info below)

For info, this website has recently been updated.

Our trip, planned originally at the end of 2017, was cancelled at the request of the organizers of the “3YØZ” expedition. Due to their cancellation, we are now returning to the implementation of our project and preparations for our trip as a matter of urgency.

Furthermore, from the above website:

The first ever Polish expedition to the subantarctic Bouvet Island by 3Z9DX, SQ8X, SP3DOI, YU4DX and J69DS.

For the purpose of the expedition, a 24m-high seagoing yacht with PowerSail sails and 2 engines of 250 HP was chartered. The unit is adapted to move in extreme weather conditions. During the stay on the island, before the bad weather, we will be protected by proper construction of expedition tents. The whole trip is financed from the private resources of the participants.

Our expedition will start in South Africa, from where we will sail to Bouvet Island. We will cover over 2,800 nautical miles in the far South Atlantic. (It’s over 5200 km!)

After landing on Bouvet, we will install a camp and shortwave radio on the glacier plateau (it covers 93% of the island’s surface. In good weather, we will get to Olavtoppen – the highest peak of the island rising 760m above sea level.

Our expedition will take place during the subantarctic summer in the Southern Hemisphere. A sea journey in stormy conditions will take about 12 days one way. If the weather is favourable for us, we will spend about two weeks on the island. With successful winds, the expedition plan will close in about a month and a half.