Be aware of all shity news. Our vessel is not arrested. So far only us can arrest this ship as trip is paid in full. There is some Harbor fees over due (This is up to Vessel owner - not a 3Y0I team members) and will be paid by owners when ship is ready to go! Now I will change my language to a ''BIKER'' way. You, small pusxx! who trying to torpedo our plans, sending emails to boat captain, talking stories from the moon or even from mars...GO xxxx YOURSELF !. We know very well who is doing that, and we will publish all this things when we come back from Bouvet. YES WE ARE GOING TO BOUVET and you will not stop us! I will track you down very easy ,as you have no idea who you dealing with. Then we will send you to hell on the very famous way. You will be very well known ham radio operator(s), remembered forever. Promise you !

Posted by Rebel DX Group on Wednesday, 23 January 2019

There appeared to be some FAKE NEWS being spread around the internet with regards the 3Y0I (Bouvet) vessel. In the video above, Dom 3Z9DX clears up a few things in the remarks below.