MARCH 4, 2018– Mark arrived yesterday and he will remain on Socorro island for the next 5 weeks. He’s running 300w and a 140′ off center fed wire at 60′ with no QRM on the island.

FEBRUARY 27, 2018 – According to entry for 4B4B, the dates of the expedition are now for the entire month of March.

DECEMBER 12, 2017 – Mark, XE1B will be active as 4B4B from Socorro Island, Revillagigedo Islands, NA-030 between March 1-15, 2018. QRV on 160-6m; SSB. QSL via XE1B direct, Club Log OQRS.


  1. My card finally came today. I guess they go out in batches. I sent several emails to the email address listed on QRZ to check on the QSL status, but never received any response. Just have to wait for your card I guess.


  2. Unwilling to work EU. When I provoked him at the beginning of his USpedition that he works about 10 stations a day XE1SWL (anon) gave the prompt answer: worked more than 6000 NA and 2 EU.
    This shows the attitude: no HAM SPIRIT
    SV1QFF Michael

  3. Big thankyou to the DX team on 4B4B. Was nice yo say hello today good conditions and great signal 73
    ZL2SDX Darren.

  4. “This 2018 4B4B REVILLAGIGEDO IS Dxpedition to Socorro I is formed again by XE1B Mark who is very well experienced and know for his interest and willing to put again Revillagigedo on the air once more.
    Please support the Dxpedition, it’s been 7 years, since the last operation took place by XE1B, Marl. It’s been a long wait …” ????

    Strange operation (called “DXPEDITION” only by the author himself).

    Before asking for money, it may be necessary to prove that efforts are being made.
    This guy don’t know that Europe exists, or maybe he is not interested in contacting Europe?
    Whenever I heard it (very weakly) on 20m, he only contacted the US or SA (next doors) and ASKED NOTHING ELSE even if only to try.

    I am very curious to see logs and especially statistics by continents for this one month activation called DXpedition …

  5. Any chance to communicate with him and ask to try work earlier, when band in EU is open?
    Every time he starts, bands are dead here.

  6. Worked Mark yesterday PM on 20m ssb but can’t be certain he got me in the log due to QSB and QRM. I heard him acknowledge my call but that’s all. I know he doesn’t like dupes, and I don’t blame him, but I have to take a chance again in the days ahead and get this ATNO in my log. Sure would be nice to be able to confirm his log on line in near real time or within a day or so in order to avoid having to attempt a dupe.

    Bob – KW4CQ

  7. Too funny, Wayne! This is the second time in a week I’ve been captured in one of your on-air recordings… last week with the “P5” on cw, and now 4B on phone (I work him right after you).

  8. Nobody is forcing any one to pay out any money. If you do not like the qsl cost then do not work him.

    If the op stayed at home as you suggest then you would not have a qso with xf4. If the op is charging too much for a qsl then you will not work him and not have a qso with xf4. Either way, the result is the same, no qso with xf4.

    I will not bother working this one as I only need the LOTW confirmation but I am sure there are many out there needing any xf4 qso and are happy to pay the qsl cost. Why deprive guys of the opportunity by forcing the xf4 op to stay at home.

    Paul – vk4ma

  9. Just another silly DX’ped to collect money from US/SA/JA/OC/West EU and tease, irritate and piss off East EU and Central AS ! Especially with no command of CW 🙂 ! And all money in one pocket. If 5 USD QSL charge for 10-20 ops big DXped to rare entity can still (but hardly) be acceptable, then there is no way for 1 person to charge the same fee and can be regarded as a coercive sponsored extortion. Fully agree with Bruno, ON6AB that “either you finance your DXpedition yourself or raise enough sponsoring, either you stay home”. Guess it’s time for ARRL DXCC to start disqualifying such “expeditions” for DXCC status

  10. These QSL selling DXPeditions are becoming epidemic lately. Maybe I’m old fashioned but either you finance your DXpedition yourself or raise enough sponsoring, either you stay home.
    Trying to earn money by selling QSL cards is NOT amateur radio. It has NOTHING to do with it.
    Trying to have a free vacation is NOT the idea neither.
    The fact that he will not LOTW proves everyting! (athought there are – God forbid- expeditions that charge you for sending a LOTW confirmation).
    We’re on the wrong track with these clowns!

  11. Here is to Dan XE1FSK,
    What a coincidence ! as far as we know you were the one kicked out from his very dxpedition XF4MX in March 1999, The dxpedition that XE1B, Mark has conducted as Team leader in March 2011 as 4A4A earned The Mega Dxpedition award by the German DX foundation with an incredible historical record above 73 000 qso’s.
    Also Mark has been awarded in contesting obtaining top first places, and by looking your QRZ page seems that you are quite a coward trying to put down such a dxpedition. You have a big mouth and have no respect for the ham comunity, we are not stupid Dan.


  12. Frank,
    Careful with Marcos XE1B, he use to keep for himself the money which is intended for sending the QSL cards.
    Also usually he end up stealing equipment from his colleagues during DXpeditions, in fact he has been kicked out from several DXpeditions in the past. Let’s see how he’s going to behave this time.
    In Mexico he’s the shame of the HAM community.

  13. It will be hard to work. One operator, only SSB. Americans will make a huge Pile Up.
    For EU queue is too long.

    Good luck!


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