RAST has applied for and has received permission to operate a Special Event station with the callsign HS50IARU to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3. Activities using this callsign began on June 7 and the callsign will continue to be active until October 31, 2018.

The IARU Region 3 (Asia-Pacific Region) will grant the 50th Anniversary Award to radio amateurs who certify having contacted at least five contacts (QSOs) on different modes or bands with Special Event Stations for commemorating the 50th Anniversary of IARU Region 3 from eligible countries are those in Region III whose amateur societies are members of IARU Region 3.

Special event callsigns will have the number “50” as the prefix number and IARU as their Special Event Call Sign Suffix. (ie. YB50IARU, 9M50IARU, JA50IARU, VK50IARU, HS50IARU, BY50IARU, BV50IARU, VR50IARU, VU50IARU, etc)

The anniversary award rules can be found at http://awards-iaru-r3.org


  1. RAST the group that does next to nothing encouraging the authorities. Try getting in the country to play ham radio even with a reciprocal agreement. Need to go to Bangkok to pick up license. Don’t bring any equipment into the country or you end up in the Bangkok Hilton. First license, then AFTER that, get an import license for EVERY radio you want to bring into the country. Then part with your radio’s as the licensing authority wants to inspect every radio, which means parting like 3-4 weeks with your equipment. If it gets messed up your equipment who is going to be responsible? Type approved equipment 95% of it 15 to 20 year old technology. Use of ITU internationally assigned band segments like 6m not/not entirely or not permanently. Applying for a temporary or permanent license, OK but only if you’re a member of RAST.


  2. Something I forgot, mailing to RAST forget it, 4 times out of 5 you don’t get an answer mail.


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